welcome to my mess!

I am a lot of things, a mess is just one of them. I am a loving mother to my cat baby he’s 14 months old and the love of my life. Speaking of love, I am a girlfriend to my wonderful boyfriend Chandler (he’s not the love of my life but he understands that our fur baby comes first). We’ve been together for a little over two years (more on that little fairytale another time). I am an endometriosis advocate/fighter. Endometriosis is a chronic pain condition/illness that affects 1 in 10 women around the globe. It takes place when endometrial tissue (usually found in the uterus) grows out of control all over different organs causing a lot of painful symptoms. I am also a teacher at a learning centre for children, teens, and young adults with learning and developmental struggles. Most of the people that I work with are on the autism spectrum.

I am a blogger! This one is super new for me. I’ve never had an experience quite like this. I’ve learned so much from bloggers and public figures on social media. I am hoping that I can be that positive energy, uplifting post, cute cat pic, endo info, or little light that’s helps someone else! I hope that through sharing my life, my happiness, my struggles, my MESS, I will help you to remember that you are not alone.

xo jess


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follow me (and my cat) I am a teacher, girlfriend, fur mamma, and endometriosis fighter. My life is messy!

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