can you believe?!

a deep dive into queer eye on Netflix

Ok full disclosure I watched two seasons of this show in less than three work days. Any free moment I had I spent living, breathing, loving queer eye. My obsession did not end when I watched all 16 episodes. I stalked the fab 5’s instas mercilessly until way waaaay back, ordered merch (can not wait for my new sweatshirt I’ll link in at the bottom) watched every video I could get my hands on, and looked into any and all behind the scenes info I could find online.

Let me start out by saying this, giving people the confidence to be themselves and to love their lives is the greatest gift. The fab 5 work so hard to help these heroes (the proper name for the people getting the makeovers) see their inner beauty and strength and to find themselves! This show is not a “let’s take this crappy person and make them cool” makeover show. It’s a “how amazing are you let’s let you and everyone else see that by embracing your natural amazing qualities!” Show.

From the first moment I was hooked. These amazing fabulous gay men running up to these unsuspecting for lack of a better word “redneck” bearded dudes and hugging them and squealing is a thing of beauty. I love how uncomfortable the heroes are at the beginning and how they form such strong incredible relationships with these 5 men who they seemingly have “nothing” in common with.

I think for me the main “point” of the show is really to show us how similar we all are. Just because one of these guys is wearing a fabulous half up top knot, and the other is making some fancy ass food, one is designing the home of our dreams, one is giving us HAIR AND CLOTHING GOALS (hi Tan I see you you’re my fave) and the other is showing us how to werk our confidence and be ourselves all while looking fabulous, doesn’t mean thy aren’t very similar to the lost little heroes that they’re helping.

I love the glimpse we get into the lives of some of these guys who have just simply lost their way a bit. There’s dads swimming in the chaos of family life, moms who are too busy focusing on their church and family, men afraid to come out, guys struggling with relationship and so much more. These people all have things that we can relate to. They’re real people. And the moments when they realize that the fab 5 are not that different from themselves are what I live for.

The transformation that takes place in a week is wonderful. We watch these shy, lost, little caterpillars find their wings and fly! And it serves as a reminder that none of us are too far gone to forget about ourselves and worry about everything else in life. We all deserve our own attention and self love.

So takeaways from the fab five: anyone can wear a kilt, nobody is married to the idea of losing the beard, wear what makes you comfortable, what you can afford, and what makes you look and feel your best! Don’t settle for sweats. Nobody has hair like tan. Nobody makes me laugh like Jonathan. Any man or women can rock the living f out of booty heels. We are all amazing and worthy of loving ourselves.

If you have been living under a rock please go check out the fab5 on Netflix. There are 2 whole seasons for you to enjoy! Be prepared to bawl your eyes out. I didn’t make it out of a single episode without ugly crying and neither will you hunny. (cue Jonathan voice)

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xo jess


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