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I have thin hair that hardly grows. For as long as I can remember I wanted long mermaid locks. I refused to cut my hair through middle and high school because each time I did I felt like it was an eternity before I saw any re growth.

In high school I had had enough of longing (get it?) for beautiful thick, long hair and I bought myself a pack of clip in extensions. These are the exact ones I swear by from sally beauty 👇🏼

I spent a decent amount of money and got real hair which I’ll talk more about in a moment. They matched my hair colour seemleasly (my hair is as brown as it gets without being black) and I was obsessed. I took them to my amazing hairdresser and she helped to show me how to properly install them. My worst fear was being one of these 👇🏼

Or worse…

Other than my hair being longer and thicker, people really couldn’t tell I was wearing extensions. They looked really great and I was so happy with them! I wore that same set for almost 2 years.

REAL HAIR: synthetic extensions look cheap. They doesn’t wash well or wear long. They hair feels like synthetic stuff and it’s fairly noticeable because it doesn’t look the same as the hair on your head! I fully recommend that whatever type of extensions you choose, spend more money for real human hair.

Here’s what mine looked like:

TIP: to get that kind of wear out of them I have a few tricks. Only wash when necessary!!!! I only washed them (with salon quality shampoo and conditioner) when I had worn them for an event and doused them with hair spray or after about a month or more of daily wear. They don’t get greasy and the only time I noticed a change in texture was with product.

I loved my clip ins for a lot of reasons but one of them was how easy they were! Putting them in each day took less than 5 minutes. I also loved that I could style them before wearing. I usually curled or straightened them the night before. They hold their style very very well too!

TIP: when styling use a heat protector! Or better yet spray the hair with water and use a braid or foam rollers to get waves or curls!

Wearing clip ins is awesome for adding length and volume! I do recommend having hair that is easy to blend with. Either find a stylist who can cut them to blend or ensure you aren’t getting them so long that they look unnatural. My extensions were only a few inches longer than my hair and they blended seamlessly. My hair also was mostly all on length not too much layering which makes things easy too.

In the last 5 years I’ve only had 3 sets of extensions. I usually go about 2 years before buying a new set so they’re pretty cost effective!

This year I got my hair cut in October and it was short. It was to my shoulders but for me it was extremely short. It was also layered at the back. This caused some major issues. My clip ins no longer worked for me so i stead of fighting to blend them every day I went without them. (This was so sad for me. My hair has become such a security thing for me but the choice was made!)

Here’s how short my hair was:

I did this for about 6 months but as soon as May hit I knew I needed some length back in my life this summer. I was tired of wearing my hair the same way for so long. My styling options were limited with shorter hair. I found myself in a style rut crazing a change. I found a place in town that specializes in extensions. I was planning to have them cut my clip ins to blend better with my shorter layered hair but upon researching them I decided to try their technique.

The extensionist has their very own technique called vogue pearl. This technique creates very minimal damage and eliminates the use of adhesives in the hair. They use little beads with the wefts to hold them in.

I had 100grams of their diamond series hair put in. It was 3 rows of hair a few inches apart. They have a lot of options for hair. They have different lengths,colors and series. Their website and YouTube channel are both awesome for showing exactly how their products work!

When they are first put in they’re quite tight but still comfortable. I did have some trouble sleeping the first few nights. It’s also recommended that you sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to keep it from tangling. Also have a satin pillow case! (These are better for hair and skin regardless of extension use so go get one! I got mine at winners)

I’ve had my vogue pearl hair in for about 3 months as I’m kind of over it. They’re really hard to wear up and I can always see the wefts and the beads when I try to style it any way other than down. It’s also recommended that you wash your hair once a week to keep the extensions fresh looking but for me that’s just not doable. Especially because the beads are always visible when I try to wear it in a braid and it’s impossible me to do a bun or ponytail without seeing everything, it’s pretty tough to wash once a week. You can do mini washes (just your top layer of hair not the extensions) but this is easier said than done honestly. You either need a detachable shower head or a sink and it’s a lot of work for me. For me, the full time extensions n wear made my scalp really itchy and oily. Obviously that could be a non issue for other people but that was my experience.

If you have the time to dedicate to extensions this is the method to have. They look really good and the hair quality is awesome. I’m really happy that I had them for my university grad and for wedding season because they looked amazing. They take a long time to style and blow dry but they did look amazing when they were clean and styled.

I am planning on having mine removed (the hair is mine to keep so maybe one day I’ll have them re installed) but for now I’m planning to have them taken out and go back to love affair with the clip ins.

UPDATE: I got so sick of having an itchy scalp (and literally losing sleep over it) and just being uncomfortable in general that I took them out! A few things to note: ew the amount of dead skin that came out with the hair is overwhelmingly gross and overall I had a fist size clump hair come out with it. I was disappointed at how much hair came out. Being that thin hair is an issue for me already, I was really sad to lose so much more with the removal. I was so thrilled to scrub my scalp after though.

The most important thing is that you choose the method that feels right to you and your lifestyle! Do research and never see any stylist who doesn’t have adequate training in a safe method.

I highly recommend the products that the extensionist has. Wether or not you have extensions from them or not, their hair products lovingly called “extension addict” are the best I’ve had for extensions. The serum in particular keeps my extensions shiny and health looking all the time! The last thing to want is extensions that look ratty and fake.

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what kinda of hair extensions you’ve tried and loved!

xo jess


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3 thoughts on “hair hair everywhere”

  1. Hey, I just had my extensions put in from the extentionists here in Kelowna, BC. I am having like you, a hard time sleeping and the tightness. Did you really lose a lot of hair from them? That’s got me worried. I don’t want to make my hair anymore thin! I would love to hear back from you !


    1. Hi Amber, the tightness does lessen over time, but after each tightening it does go back to being pretty difficult. When I had mine removed about a fiat sized clump of hair came out and I lost more and more hair for about a week after. My hair was also cut to blend into the extensions and was left looking absolutely trashed after. It was so uneven! I had to have about 2 inches cut off just to correct all the damage that was done and I am so upset about it


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