Fab Fit Fun

Why I love Fab Fit Fun!

I have been a Fab Fit Fun subscriber since receiving my winter editors box for 2018! Since my first order, I was hooked! Here’s why I love my Fab Fit Fun boxes so much and why you owe it to yourself to try it.

Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal subscription box service that sends you personalized goodies 4 times a year. In the box, you can expect to find things like makeup palettes, beach gear, resistance bands, cute water bottles, adorable mugs, home accessories, and on and on and on!

I love that with the FFF box you get some choice in your order. About a month prior to receiving your box, you’ll get an email letting you know that customization is open! Here you’ll get to choose a few things that will be in your box. A few of the choices are things like an awesome floral beach towel, or a makeup travel case. Sometimes you’ll get the choice of two tarte makeup pallets or choose between a water bottle and a mug! This is one of my favorite features because it ensures that you’ll get your preferred item and it gives you a sneak peak so you can get excited about your box!

Some of my favorite pieces from FFF have been the tarte contour pallet from the summer box (the highlighters are to die for! So shimmery) the Whish moisturizer mask (my face would have not survived winter without this product) the private party gym bag (mine says: will work out for cupcakes) and so many more fun things!

FFF is such a fun way to try new things. I love coming home to a fun little gift box from me to me. I’ve discovered so many products through FFF that I continue to buy now because of how amazing it was!

The women at FFF really take time to curate seasonal boxes that are not only fun and cute but fully helpful and useful. Did  I mention FFF was started up by women and continues to have amazing, ambitious ladies running the show?! What better way to support women in business.

So what happens if I try to and don’t like it? Easy! You can cancel any time! (I highly doubt you won’t like it though!) You also don’t have to sign up for a whole year. Doing and editors box is a great way to try it out for cheap! I’ll link my code and link below for you to save a little extra $ also! Another awesome thing is to have a few friends get the box and then you can do little trades and swaps with your gal pals!

The editor’s box is regular $49.99 but with my link and code, you’ll save $10 on your first order! Most items that come in the box are worth well over $40 and the box total is $200 or more! So really it’s a steal of a deal.

As promised if you use this link: CLICK HERE

And my code NEED10 you’ll save some money on your first box!

The best part of doing the editors box is that you get all the best products from past seasons in one! Who could say no to that?

Happy Fab Fit Fun ing!

xo jess


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