Lush products! Top 5

Self care is such a massive part of my life! Living with a chronic illness makes me really take time to appreciate pain free moments where I can care for myself and feel good! Something that makes me feel so pampered is taking a relaxing bath. My bath would not feel complete without a lush bath bomb.

So we all know lush serves us with the most iconic amazing bath bombs. But what else do they do? OK EVERYTHING! I am so obsessed with everything Lush makes and sells. Today I’ll give you details on just 5 of my favourite items.

1. The iconic bath bombs. My all time favourite is called Twilight. The twilight bath bomb is the lavender bath bomb that dreams are made of. The lavender scent not only relaxes my brain but also my body (and makes my skin smell amazing) the lavender makes this the perfect night time bath bomb. It’s like being wrapped in a beautiful indigo cloud of love.

2. Bubble bar! Okay these are not bath bombs! There’s a huge difference. With the bubble bar you aren’t dropping the whole thing into the bath water. It doesn’t fizz or dissolve that way. What you do is break a piece off and hold it under the running water while the bath fills up creating the perfect fluffy bubbles. My favourite of all time is called “A French Kiss”. It pits so perfectly with the Twilight bath bomb because they both have incredible lavender oils. Can you tell that lavender is my favourite?

3. Who doesn’t love a good face mask?? I am obsessed with “Mask of Magnanimity”. This mask is the best Sunday skincare routine. It goes on for 15 minutes and washes off with warm water leaving your skin feeling so beautiful and healthy. It’s also so good as a spot treatment for problematic pimples! With ingredients like honey and evening primrose, this mask is so clarifying but also gentle and not too drying. I have combination skin and I find it doesn’t make me dry or oily!

4. Soap, soap, soap! This was something I bought on a whim and didn’t think I would ever love so much. I mean it’s just soap. Wrong! Lavender Vida Loca is the best soap I’ve ever had. No only is it great for shaving and leaving skin super smooth, it smells incredible and is super pretty to look at. This is definitely something I’m so glad that I impulse bought and will continue to purchase.

5. My new most FAVORITE product ….. SHAMPOO BAR! I recently bought the soak and float shampoo bar and we are in love! This shampoo bar boasts its ability to take sad, irritated, scalps and soothe them, and it did not disappoint. My scalp is either really dry and flaky or over producing oils and giving my grief. This bar has changed my scalp in the past 2 weeks. It makes my hair feel so fresh and clean without drying it out. My scalp is way less itchy and irritated now and I couldn’t be Moore please. The bars last for such a long time. And if that isn’t enough to make you run out and buy one then what about the fact that this is the equivalent of 2 huge plastic shampoo bottles in one little bar?! Not only are you saving showed shelf space but it’s also so much better for the environment. I love that Lush is always environmentally conscious and cruelty free.

I will be a lifelong Lush supporter. Lush is basically the sponsor of my self care and daily shower routine. I love that Lush is environmentally conscious and uses natural ingredients. I also love that they’re against animal testing. If Lush isn’t somewhere you’ve really shopped or it seems overwhelming have no fear! The employees at Lush go through awesome training and they are so knowledgeable and friendly. Ask them any questions you have and they will be able to help you find the best products for your hair and skin type! There are so many other products from them that I love so stay tunes for more of my recommendations! This isn’t even half of the items I’ve tried from Lush.

xo jess


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