I cried this week (and more low fodmap updates)

I cried this weekend

Because I wanted to have a normal Saturday night. I wanted to order takeout and have a treat and watch a movie. Instead, I had a Zevia no calorie carbonated drink and went to bed early. Oh, and cried.

My low fodmap diet is actually going really well. I weighed myself and had a really great experience of seeing that I’d lost quite a bit. I also just feel better. My clothes fit better. I can feel and see that there is less inflammation and bloating in my body. I feel better every day.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I eat typically!

Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs and a sliced tomato

Lunch: chicken chilli with lentils, peppers, diced tomatoes, chives

Dinner: lean steak usually top sirloin and mixed veggies usually bell peppers, carrots, half cup broccoli, and chives for flavour

Snacks: grapes, banana

My go to Starbucks drink has become a cafe latte with lactose free milk. And I usually have this 2-3 times a week

A few of the difficult swaps for me have been giving up sugary snacks and diet pop, as well as my usual Starbucks drinks that have added sugars.

Some of my new favourite swaps are

Smart Sweets!

Lilly’s chocolate!


These have definitely made things easier for me to stick to. Some issues I’ve had with diets in the past is that I feel way to restricted and I end up cheating. But smart swaps have helped me to stay accountable no cheating! So, I am sticking to this hard core until Thanksgiving weekend and then I will indulge and allow myself to enjoy all foods. I will for sure document my Thanksgiving trip to Winnipeg and post my yummy food. The countdown is on!

More soon

xo jess


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