the world’s best cookies!

It has been ages since I blogged! I have been so busy with my “real job”

But! I needed to carve out some time to share these cookies with you guys!

I am still one the FODMAP diet but I took a break over the long weekend and I am allowing myself some cheat meals now! My doctor had recommended I do it for two weeks but because its working I am sticking with it. (mostly)

So recently, for Thanksgiving weekend (here in Canada) my boyfriend and I took the 4 day weekend to travel to his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. While we were there we visited one of our favorite little spots called The Forks. The Forks has great little local shops and restaurants. While we were there my boyfriend spotted a little pop up bakery called “Jenna Rae Cakes”. Being a Winnipeg native he knew what it was right away. He was so excited to see this place that I thought he stopped breathing momentarily so I knew it must be worth checking out.


We almost couldn’t choose a treat because they all looked so good! (and we regretted eating a huge meal before hand). We settled on two kinds of sandwich cookies. These are the world’s best cookies. They are big, and soft, and chewy and in between the two cookies in delicious buttercream! We had peanut butter brownie, caramel apple crumble , toffee salted caramel, and another salted caramel apple crumble! Ok so I said we had two right? Well the next morning my boyfriend woke me up and yelled “hurry we need to get more cookies!” and so we did. The Caramel apple crumble was my favorite because it literally has apple pie filling and I live for apple pie. But all of them were spectacular.

If you are in the Winnipeg area anytime soon, I am telling you this place is well well well worth a trip! I am now home and missing these cookies every day. Its probably a good thing I don’t live close enough to walk there or I would eat them night and day. I was so busy eating cookies that I didn’t try anything else but I would bet you cold hard cash that everything is fantastic. I am now going to plan my one day wedding around one of their cakes because cake is all that matters now.

Jenna Rae and Ashley Nicole are twin sisters who are incredibly talented! Jenna the head cake designer while her twin Ashley works on the styling and graphic design elements of their beautiful business. I say beautiful because every detail fro their website, to the blog, to every single handcrafted treat, is absolutely stunning! They are only in Winnipeg right now with a full shop and bakery on Academy, and the smaller little pop up version at The Forks. Check them out if you are ready to drool! Also good news, they ship their Macarons Canada wide!

Promise to share more yummy treats soon! And maybe one of these days I’ll blog about something other than food…
xo jess

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