ask me about my uterus

I very recently started a new book that I am obsessed with. Ask me about my uterus is a deep dive into all things endo. It’s written from the first hand perspective of Abby Norman who re lives painful moments of her personal life for the gain of others. Abby is amazing and smart and I wish she was my friend so that we could talk about endo and her book all day long. Ok she might think that’s weird so it may be a short friendship… ANYWAY 

Within the first few pages, Abby tells a story eerily similar to my own. She clings to her middle in the shower feeling like her pains is “everywhere and nowhere” she goes to the hospital where her pain is not taken seriously. Her male doctor is positive she’s pregnant or has an STD or a UTI. Let me tell you the pain from a UTI is NOTHING like the pain from endo. But of course in both of our experiences, this was what we were told. We both left with a prescription and nothing else. We both ended up back at the hospital a number of times. And we both finally had someone do their job and try to help us. Someone who finally validated our pain and attempted to give us relief. 

Abby writes, “A Women in pain was presumed to be lying. Guilty until proven innocent, as it were” that’s how I’ve always felt. That I wasn’t allowed to be in pain. That I wouldn’t be taken seriously. That my pain wasn’t bad enough to count. 

I’m not even halfway through this book but it’s already my favourite. I’ve never cried so much, or related so much to a book in my life. But this feels like Abby is speaking to me and validating me and my pain. I am so glad to have found it. If you or someone you know struggles with endometriosis or really any chronic pain issues as a women, please have them read this. And if you really want to try to understand a loved one I would encourage you to read it too. You won’t be disappointed. 

To Abby, thank you for your honesty, your bravery, and your devotion to women’s health. Your story will help me and so many women to feel seen, heard, and believed. 

More to come on this I promise

xo jess


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