“It’s my app for sick people”

The Mighty. It’s my app for sick people.

My boyfriend was harmlessly looking over my shoulder at my phone and pointed to my bright red app and asked what it was. It’s my app for sick people was my answer. Truthfully though it’s a lot more than that.

The Mighty is an app, also a website, that lets chronically or otherwise ill people share thoughts, feelings, stories, advice and more. I found an article posted by The Mighty one day while scrolling through Pinterest. “Twelve things people with chronic illness wish there loved ones would say more often”. I clicked on it. Usually when I see heading like that I kind of cringe. Was this written by someone who is even sick? Do they get what I’m going through? Is this whole article going to be about telling me that they love me more or catering to my every need?

I was surprised with the content when I took the time to read it. The Mighty is written by the people (the sick people) for the people (the other sick people). It is an amazing resource for chronic illness sufferers like myself. Chronic illness can often times be a really lonely thing. It can feel very isolating to think “I’m the only one going through this. Nobody understand what I’m dealing with” but The Mighty changes that. It allows for connection with people all over the world who DO get it. A lot of illnesses like endometriosis can be really challenging as the symptoms often feel limitless and doctors don’t have a lot of information available to help. Reading stories from other people and having the ability to post thoughts or questions to each other can be so helpful emotionally and sometimes medically.

The Mighty has such a variety in their community. They have articles and message boards for people that struggle with everything from mental illness, to disease. Their tag line kind of says it all: “We face disability, disease and mental illness together”.Is that ever true! The feeling of community when you step into the pages of their website is instantaneous. That togetherness that they advertise is real and raw and present. They have over 600 topics to read and explore.

This community isn’t just for people suffering with these things. They have a lot of wonderful resources for family and friends to better understand the struggles that their loved one face. I would encourage everyone who struggles with mental illness, chronic illness, disease or disability (and more) or knows someone who does to take a look at The Mighty.

My next post is going to be about one of my new favourite women so stay tuned.

xo jess


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