Feral to Forever

Feral to Forever

My pet adoption journey started in December when I just absolutely had to have a cat. I have had cats my whole life. When I was little we had two lovely cats and in high school I adopted a kitten at the same time as my sister. The two kitten ended up bonded in a short time so when I moved for university my little cat stayed with my sister (and her new cat sister). All of the cats we’ve had have been rescues.

Let me start by saying that there are over 600,000 cats in Canada that need homes. In the most recent poll from 2016 there were 20,753 cats euthanized as a form of “population control”. That number is 5 times the amount of dogs euthanized in the same year. Simply put, cats aren’t getting homes. Instead, they are living in our communities under trash cans, in forests, and around our back alley ways with up to 5 kittens each.

On a more positive note, there is one local (to me) cat rescue program that is taking feral, starving cats off our streets and giving them forever homes with loving local families. The Okanagan cat coalition is a group of amazing individuals who have dedicated their lives to the humane trapping, veterinary care, and rehoming of these cats. The OKCC has volunteers all over the Okanagan that use humane “traps” to take the cats and kittens from their feral cat communities into safe places. I don’t like the word “trap” for what they do but essentially that’s what’s happening in a humane way. The cats are lured into harm free cages and then transported to veterinary clinics where they are given all necessary care including spay and neuter procedures.

When I began looking for a cat my first thought was SPCA. I think that’s usually our obvious first thought when we think of rescuing. However when I heard about the OKCC I immediately jumped onto their Facebook page to see their beautiful kitties. Their Facebook page is awesome and up to date and they have albums of photos of their adoptable cats and kittens as well a cute pictures of their happy re homed adopted babies.

I opened the adoptable album and the first cat I saw caught me right away. I was obsessed with him at first glance. His name was Tarzan and he was in town with a foster family just waiting for me to love him.

This was his photo:

I immediately got on my phone and started contacting the foster family to find a time to meet him. The next night I got in the car with my mom and my boyfriend and we were heading the the foster home to go meet little Tarzan. When we arrived he was sitting, perched handsomely actually, on an arm chair that was covered in duct tape (looking back that was for sure because he claws everything to shreds). I walked over to him and he began to kick me immediately and let me pet him all over. He was the one.

A quick note about Tarzan’s foster family, this man goes out and rescues feral cat communities. When I say communities I mean like multiple mom cats get together for survival. He has his own cages and he contacts the OKCC when he goes out to save them, then they arrange vet care. So above all of the he also has up to wait for it…30 yeah 30 cats in his home at once!!!!

This is another one of his baby pics

So after my love at first sight meeting with little Tarzan, who’s name I changed, I filled out the necessary application. The application is standard it asks questions about your home, your family, and makes you sign saying the cat won’t go outdoors and won’t be declawed. We went home to await my phone call from the OKCC to see if I was accepted or not.

The phone call was just to check in, review the application, and for the head of the OKCC to get to know you before giving you a kitten. I think essentially the head of the OKCC and the foster talk and decide if you’re a good fit. I love the fostering for so many reasons but one of them is that those families get to know the cat so well and they can really give you the details on their personality and make a decision if you’ll be a good fit.

Tarzan’s foster really wanted him to go to a quiet home. As he was feral and his mom has (as far as we know) always been feral and having feral babies) he still had some hesitations around humans and could be shy he was also a little bit anxious with loud or unexpected sounds (still is honestly). Thankfully they decided that I was a perfect fit for him!

I went to get him the next night. I stocked up on awesome pet gear at winners and Bosley’s. (Bosley’s is also a partner with the OKCC and they host adoption events at their stores with cats and kittens from the OKCC.

Finally the little fur baby was mine. We took him home and he was very shy at first. We gave him his own room in our suite where he had everything set up. I figured for the first few days he wouldn’t leave that space very much and I was right. We have him some personal space to explore and adjust to his new home and visited with him every hour or so to make sure he was okay. We left the doors open of course be he never ventured out of the room. It took our new baby, who I named Samson but has since gone by Mr. Sweet Sweet because he is the SWEETEST, a few weeks before he fully adjusted to being with us.

When you adopt a new cat, or any animal, it’s really important to practice patience. Being taken out of a home and moved to somewhere else with new people has got to be such a scary experience for these little guys. We remained patient with Mr. Sweet Sweet and he has given us so much joy since we adopted him.

Here is a list of his favourite things:

1. Raiding my makeup bag in search of hair ties and eyelash spoolies

2. Drinking from the sink

3. Treats

4. Climbing the walls (I see why they called him Tarzan)

5. Scratching the blinds

6. Waking us up at 4 am

7. Snuggling

8. Sniffing feet

9. Playing with his purple ball

10. More snuggling

11. Being clean

12. Sleeping

13. Sleeping

14. Sleeping in a new spot

15. Cardboard

16. Being our fur baby.

For those interested, my vet has told me that he is a tabby mix and has Maine Coon in him so we expect him to get even bigger than his already chubby 13 pounds. His mom was tiny tabby lady and he unfortunately got her back legs. His hind legs are so stubby that he can barely jump to save his life but he’s cute and hilarious when he tries. He’s just over a year old we celebrated his birthday in May!

please consider adopting or fostering cats if you can! There are so many that need our help and I promise they’ll bring you so much happiness. I can not imagine my life without this baby. He is my best little snuggle butt and I can’t believe I ever survived without his constant loves. I promise to post more about Mr. Sweet Sweet soon!

xo jess


I Weigh…

I weigh…

Okay so I will never tell you, or anyone else what the number on the scale is. Honestly, you probably won’t meet that many people who would.  I hate scales. I am literally afraid of them. The last time I went to the doctor I closed my eyes when she weighed me. I didn’t want to see it. I wish I could say that I didn’t want to see the number because I don’t care and that the number on a scale doesn’t define me. But thats not true. Since grade 3, that number has totally and completely determined the way that I define myself. My size has also been the first thing that I notice and think about every day of my life. I’ve never been small. I’ve always been overweight and I have always let that term and those numbers be in charge of how I feel about myself. Unfortunately we live in a world that puts weight, size, beauty, and all things superficial above the rest. What I weigh means more to me and everyone else than anything else about me. The craziest thing is that I am able to see other women for so much more than how they look. Even when I am noticing someone else’s appearance, I think about how perfect and beautiful they are. I wonder how any of them could ever have moments of self doubt or insecurity.

But what I Weigh is so much more than a number, at least that’s what Jameela Jamil is telling me, and everyone else, with her latest instagram movement.

I Weigh is an incredible movement started by the talented and beautiful Jameela Jamil. You might recognize her from the TV series “The Good Place”. She started this movement called “I Weigh”  after reading comments on one of the Kardashian’s instagram posts. After reading these comments where people were deciding Kim’s worth based on her size rather than her success, Jameela decided to take a stand. Why is is that what women weigh is so ridiculously controversial, and for some reason so important to people? Jameela decided that women “weigh” more than their number on the scale. That their “weight” is comprised of so many things above and beyond that sometimes dreaded number. Jameela’s mission statement on instagram reads “…I Weigh movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones”.

There are so many people all over the world that probably let a number decide a lot of things for them wether it’s the scale, the size of your jeans, or something else. To stop this number obsession Jameela, and now hundreds of other women, have banded together to see change. The “I Weigh” movement features women posting photos of themselves with words surrounding them. The words share all of the many things that make up our “weight” as people. Things like being a mother, a sister, a daughter, a hard worker, determined, motivated, funny, loyal, kind, and so much more. I whole heartedly believe that we should embrace this movement and each person reading this should participate. Follow the verified @I_weigh account on instagram and use #iweigh in your posts.

There are so many things that we need to work on as humans, but one of them is seeing people for more than their size. While this movement has been really women centred, I think this is just as true for all genders. The things we do and the people we are carry so much more weight than just our bodies.

Here’s my “I Weigh” photo 👇🏼

Extra shout out to my friend Lisa for posting her own “I Weigh” photo and introducing me to this movement! Follow her on Instagram @lisaschnitzler she’s amazing and the cutest

xo jess

Lush products! Top 5

Self care is such a massive part of my life! Living with a chronic illness makes me really take time to appreciate pain free moments where I can care for myself and feel good! Something that makes me feel so pampered is taking a relaxing bath. My bath would not feel complete without a lush bath bomb.

So we all know lush serves us with the most iconic amazing bath bombs. But what else do they do? OK EVERYTHING! I am so obsessed with everything Lush makes and sells. Today I’ll give you details on just 5 of my favourite items.

1. The iconic bath bombs. My all time favourite is called Twilight. The twilight bath bomb is the lavender bath bomb that dreams are made of. The lavender scent not only relaxes my brain but also my body (and makes my skin smell amazing) the lavender makes this the perfect night time bath bomb. It’s like being wrapped in a beautiful indigo cloud of love.

2. Bubble bar! Okay these are not bath bombs! There’s a huge difference. With the bubble bar you aren’t dropping the whole thing into the bath water. It doesn’t fizz or dissolve that way. What you do is break a piece off and hold it under the running water while the bath fills up creating the perfect fluffy bubbles. My favourite of all time is called “A French Kiss”. It pits so perfectly with the Twilight bath bomb because they both have incredible lavender oils. Can you tell that lavender is my favourite?

3. Who doesn’t love a good face mask?? I am obsessed with “Mask of Magnanimity”. This mask is the best Sunday skincare routine. It goes on for 15 minutes and washes off with warm water leaving your skin feeling so beautiful and healthy. It’s also so good as a spot treatment for problematic pimples! With ingredients like honey and evening primrose, this mask is so clarifying but also gentle and not too drying. I have combination skin and I find it doesn’t make me dry or oily!

4. Soap, soap, soap! This was something I bought on a whim and didn’t think I would ever love so much. I mean it’s just soap. Wrong! Lavender Vida Loca is the best soap I’ve ever had. No only is it great for shaving and leaving skin super smooth, it smells incredible and is super pretty to look at. This is definitely something I’m so glad that I impulse bought and will continue to purchase.

5. My new most FAVORITE product ….. SHAMPOO BAR! I recently bought the soak and float shampoo bar and we are in love! This shampoo bar boasts its ability to take sad, irritated, scalps and soothe them, and it did not disappoint. My scalp is either really dry and flaky or over producing oils and giving my grief. This bar has changed my scalp in the past 2 weeks. It makes my hair feel so fresh and clean without drying it out. My scalp is way less itchy and irritated now and I couldn’t be Moore please. The bars last for such a long time. And if that isn’t enough to make you run out and buy one then what about the fact that this is the equivalent of 2 huge plastic shampoo bottles in one little bar?! Not only are you saving showed shelf space but it’s also so much better for the environment. I love that Lush is always environmentally conscious and cruelty free.

I will be a lifelong Lush supporter. Lush is basically the sponsor of my self care and daily shower routine. I love that Lush is environmentally conscious and uses natural ingredients. I also love that they’re against animal testing. If Lush isn’t somewhere you’ve really shopped or it seems overwhelming have no fear! The employees at Lush go through awesome training and they are so knowledgeable and friendly. Ask them any questions you have and they will be able to help you find the best products for your hair and skin type! There are so many other products from them that I love so stay tunes for more of my recommendations! This isn’t even half of the items I’ve tried from Lush.

xo jess

Fab Fit Fun

Why I love Fab Fit Fun!

I have been a Fab Fit Fun subscriber since receiving my winter editors box for 2018! Since my first order, I was hooked! Here’s why I love my Fab Fit Fun boxes so much and why you owe it to yourself to try it.

Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal subscription box service that sends you personalized goodies 4 times a year. In the box, you can expect to find things like makeup palettes, beach gear, resistance bands, cute water bottles, adorable mugs, home accessories, and on and on and on!

I love that with the FFF box you get some choice in your order. About a month prior to receiving your box, you’ll get an email letting you know that customization is open! Here you’ll get to choose a few things that will be in your box. A few of the choices are things like an awesome floral beach towel, or a makeup travel case. Sometimes you’ll get the choice of two tarte makeup pallets or choose between a water bottle and a mug! This is one of my favorite features because it ensures that you’ll get your preferred item and it gives you a sneak peak so you can get excited about your box!

Some of my favorite pieces from FFF have been the tarte contour pallet from the summer box (the highlighters are to die for! So shimmery) the Whish moisturizer mask (my face would have not survived winter without this product) the private party gym bag (mine says: will work out for cupcakes) and so many more fun things!

FFF is such a fun way to try new things. I love coming home to a fun little gift box from me to me. I’ve discovered so many products through FFF that I continue to buy now because of how amazing it was!

The women at FFF really take time to curate seasonal boxes that are not only fun and cute but fully helpful and useful. Did  I mention FFF was started up by women and continues to have amazing, ambitious ladies running the show?! What better way to support women in business.

So what happens if I try to and don’t like it? Easy! You can cancel any time! (I highly doubt you won’t like it though!) You also don’t have to sign up for a whole year. Doing and editors box is a great way to try it out for cheap! I’ll link my code and link below for you to save a little extra $ also! Another awesome thing is to have a few friends get the box and then you can do little trades and swaps with your gal pals!

The editor’s box is regular $49.99 but with my link and code, you’ll save $10 on your first order! Most items that come in the box are worth well over $40 and the box total is $200 or more! So really it’s a steal of a deal.

As promised if you use this link: CLICK HERE

And my code NEED10 you’ll save some money on your first box!

The best part of doing the editors box is that you get all the best products from past seasons in one! Who could say no to that?

Happy Fab Fit Fun ing!

xo jess

hair hair everywhere

I have thin hair that hardly grows. For as long as I can remember I wanted long mermaid locks. I refused to cut my hair through middle and high school because each time I did I felt like it was an eternity before I saw any re growth.

In high school I had had enough of longing (get it?) for beautiful thick, long hair and I bought myself a pack of clip in extensions. These are the exact ones I swear by from sally beauty 👇🏼

I spent a decent amount of money and got real hair which I’ll talk more about in a moment. They matched my hair colour seemleasly (my hair is as brown as it gets without being black) and I was obsessed. I took them to my amazing hairdresser and she helped to show me how to properly install them. My worst fear was being one of these 👇🏼

Or worse…

Other than my hair being longer and thicker, people really couldn’t tell I was wearing extensions. They looked really great and I was so happy with them! I wore that same set for almost 2 years.

REAL HAIR: synthetic extensions look cheap. They doesn’t wash well or wear long. They hair feels like synthetic stuff and it’s fairly noticeable because it doesn’t look the same as the hair on your head! I fully recommend that whatever type of extensions you choose, spend more money for real human hair.

Here’s what mine looked like:

TIP: to get that kind of wear out of them I have a few tricks. Only wash when necessary!!!! I only washed them (with salon quality shampoo and conditioner) when I had worn them for an event and doused them with hair spray or after about a month or more of daily wear. They don’t get greasy and the only time I noticed a change in texture was with product.

I loved my clip ins for a lot of reasons but one of them was how easy they were! Putting them in each day took less than 5 minutes. I also loved that I could style them before wearing. I usually curled or straightened them the night before. They hold their style very very well too!

TIP: when styling use a heat protector! Or better yet spray the hair with water and use a braid or foam rollers to get waves or curls!

Wearing clip ins is awesome for adding length and volume! I do recommend having hair that is easy to blend with. Either find a stylist who can cut them to blend or ensure you aren’t getting them so long that they look unnatural. My extensions were only a few inches longer than my hair and they blended seamlessly. My hair also was mostly all on length not too much layering which makes things easy too.

In the last 5 years I’ve only had 3 sets of extensions. I usually go about 2 years before buying a new set so they’re pretty cost effective!

This year I got my hair cut in October and it was short. It was to my shoulders but for me it was extremely short. It was also layered at the back. This caused some major issues. My clip ins no longer worked for me so i stead of fighting to blend them every day I went without them. (This was so sad for me. My hair has become such a security thing for me but the choice was made!)

Here’s how short my hair was:

I did this for about 6 months but as soon as May hit I knew I needed some length back in my life this summer. I was tired of wearing my hair the same way for so long. My styling options were limited with shorter hair. I found myself in a style rut crazing a change. I found a place in town that specializes in extensions. I was planning to have them cut my clip ins to blend better with my shorter layered hair but upon researching them I decided to try their technique.

The extensionist has their very own technique called vogue pearl. This technique creates very minimal damage and eliminates the use of adhesives in the hair. They use little beads with the wefts to hold them in.

I had 100grams of their diamond series hair put in. It was 3 rows of hair a few inches apart. They have a lot of options for hair. They have different lengths,colors and series. Their website and YouTube channel are both awesome for showing exactly how their products work!

When they are first put in they’re quite tight but still comfortable. I did have some trouble sleeping the first few nights. It’s also recommended that you sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to keep it from tangling. Also have a satin pillow case! (These are better for hair and skin regardless of extension use so go get one! I got mine at winners)

I’ve had my vogue pearl hair in for about 3 months as I’m kind of over it. They’re really hard to wear up and I can always see the wefts and the beads when I try to style it any way other than down. It’s also recommended that you wash your hair once a week to keep the extensions fresh looking but for me that’s just not doable. Especially because the beads are always visible when I try to wear it in a braid and it’s impossible me to do a bun or ponytail without seeing everything, it’s pretty tough to wash once a week. You can do mini washes (just your top layer of hair not the extensions) but this is easier said than done honestly. You either need a detachable shower head or a sink and it’s a lot of work for me. For me, the full time extensions n wear made my scalp really itchy and oily. Obviously that could be a non issue for other people but that was my experience.

If you have the time to dedicate to extensions this is the method to have. They look really good and the hair quality is awesome. I’m really happy that I had them for my university grad and for wedding season because they looked amazing. They take a long time to style and blow dry but they did look amazing when they were clean and styled.

I am planning on having mine removed (the hair is mine to keep so maybe one day I’ll have them re installed) but for now I’m planning to have them taken out and go back to love affair with the clip ins.

UPDATE: I got so sick of having an itchy scalp (and literally losing sleep over it) and just being uncomfortable in general that I took them out! A few things to note: ew the amount of dead skin that came out with the hair is overwhelmingly gross and overall I had a fist size clump hair come out with it. I was disappointed at how much hair came out. Being that thin hair is an issue for me already, I was really sad to lose so much more with the removal. I was so thrilled to scrub my scalp after though.

The most important thing is that you choose the method that feels right to you and your lifestyle! Do research and never see any stylist who doesn’t have adequate training in a safe method.

I highly recommend the products that the extensionist has. Wether or not you have extensions from them or not, their hair products lovingly called “extension addict” are the best I’ve had for extensions. The serum in particular keeps my extensions shiny and health looking all the time! The last thing to want is extensions that look ratty and fake.

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what kinda of hair extensions you’ve tried and loved!

xo jess

Endo what?

My endo story

I talk about my uterus a lot. I’m not shy about periods, pain, or “yucky” words. I share my chronic pain story so that people don’t feel alone. I share my struggles and my experiences not for pity, but so that when a young girl is diagnosed the way I was, she doesn’t cry and feel alone and scared the way I did.

One day in March 2016 I woke up and felt off. I had some pain in my legs that just wouldn’t quit. Is been hitting the gym about 6 days a week and figured I was just sore from my squats and cardio routine. I was 20.

I lay in bed feeling unwell. I didn’t start work until later so I rested up. I had a shower and got myself ready, convinced the feeling would pass.

By the time I got to work, I was feeling pain in my legs, and my back. Without warning the pain spread and I felt cramps deep in my pelvis. Within moments, I couldn’t walk. I was in the most pain I’ve ever experienced. It was so bad that I couldn’t even scream or cry I just clenched myself up as tight as I could I to a ball.

My best friend took me to the hospital. I waited in the emergency room for what felt like an eternity. They ran blood-work, urine analysis, and took my vitals.

The pain just kept getting worse. I was begging them to give me something, anything to stop the pain.

After over and hour of sitting in the ER waiting room clenched up in a chair unable to stop wailing in pain, I got into a bed.

I was asked countless times if I was pregnant and I insisted I wasn’t. Nobody believed me. Their instant thought was that I was in labour or having a miscarriage. Thankfully my blood work was able to prove that neither of those things were the case. But what was?

An amazing, kind nurse put an iv into me and let my friend sit by my side. The pain medication started to take some effect but I was still curling up and rubbing my legs to try to make it all stop.

A doctor came in soon enough and said that he couldn’t figure out what was happening. All of my tests came back completely normal and the pain didn’t make any sense. He said he would have the nurse bring me more pain medication but he wanted to check a few more things.

Because the pain was pelvic they obviously had some questions about my sexual history. He wanted to give me a Pap test to rule out any sexual transmitted infections even though I knew it would come back totally fine. Which it did.

I was given a huge dose of pain pills. And sent home about 9 hours later.

After getting home I felt fine. My pain had almost totally subsided (thank you Morphine) I had a few bites of a sandwich and went to bed.

I was lying down watching tv feeling super groggy from the meds when a sharp pain started in my upper abdomen. I curled up in a ball and waited for it to pass. Unfortunately it spread. The pain was all of a sudden back in my legs, pelvis, back, and abdomen. I tried to yell for my roommates but I couldn’t. I crawled from my door to theirs and knocked as loud as I could. They came running. I couldn’t walk. I lay on the floor clutching my stomach and crying. They helped me into the hall, down the elevator, and into the car. We rushed to the hospital.

Basically everything happened the same way except this time they put me into a wheelchair so that I didn’t need to be carried and this time while waiting I was almost screaming through the tears. They asked the same questions as earlier I screamed at them and said nothing had changed since earlier. No I was not pregnant no I didn’t have an std no my address hasn’t changed.

I was given a pain killer cocktail that they called a pink lady along with 3 t3’s, more morphine and Advil. That in combination with everything I had taken before should have had me numb to even a touch but I still felt the pain. I stayed about an hour for observation and then was sent home again.

My parents drove from Kelowna to Vancouver the next morning. My ultra sounds were booked. I barely slept and was back at the hospital for 8am about 6 hours later.

I had the ultra sound and I waited in the ER for more results. I sat their all day waiting to here that they didn’t dons anything. I was booked in for more ultra sounds for the next day. And if that wasn’t successful I would have a CT. Which is exactly what happened.

I slept that night and got up the next day to repeat the exact same process. Waited all day again and still nothing. The doctor that had been seeing me was great. I can’t imagine working in the ER is any fun at all and super high stress. He was the first person to say the word endometriosis to me. He gave me a diagnosis that changed my life.

I left that night after days of craziness and googled everything endo. I had never heard the word before I had no idea what the doctor was even saying when he said it. All of my info came from google that night. I read definitions, blogs, web md. I watched countless videos and saw disturbing images. I learned that endo effects fertility and I cried. I learned that there is no cure and that this pain would live with me forever. I read that at 20 years old I shouldn’t have this.

If you or anyone you know has painful periods or any kind of severe pelvic pain please see a doctor! None of those symptoms are normal. Period pain should never ever be debilitating.

March 2016 changed my life. Stay tuned for more of what happened next, how endo has become my life partner, and how I cope with chronic pain.

Special shout out my amazing friend Brittany who sat by my side all day for more than 9 hours and didn’t even think about leaving. For crying with my and holding my hand during the scariest day or my entire life so far. It takes an incredible, selfless human to put themselves second in such a huge way. I love you Britt always always.

xo jess

can you believe?!

a deep dive into queer eye on Netflix

Ok full disclosure I watched two seasons of this show in less than three work days. Any free moment I had I spent living, breathing, loving queer eye. My obsession did not end when I watched all 16 episodes. I stalked the fab 5’s instas mercilessly until way waaaay back, ordered merch (can not wait for my new sweatshirt I’ll link in at the bottom) watched every video I could get my hands on, and looked into any and all behind the scenes info I could find online.

Let me start out by saying this, giving people the confidence to be themselves and to love their lives is the greatest gift. The fab 5 work so hard to help these heroes (the proper name for the people getting the makeovers) see their inner beauty and strength and to find themselves! This show is not a “let’s take this crappy person and make them cool” makeover show. It’s a “how amazing are you let’s let you and everyone else see that by embracing your natural amazing qualities!” Show.

From the first moment I was hooked. These amazing fabulous gay men running up to these unsuspecting for lack of a better word “redneck” bearded dudes and hugging them and squealing is a thing of beauty. I love how uncomfortable the heroes are at the beginning and how they form such strong incredible relationships with these 5 men who they seemingly have “nothing” in common with.

I think for me the main “point” of the show is really to show us how similar we all are. Just because one of these guys is wearing a fabulous half up top knot, and the other is making some fancy ass food, one is designing the home of our dreams, one is giving us HAIR AND CLOTHING GOALS (hi Tan I see you you’re my fave) and the other is showing us how to werk our confidence and be ourselves all while looking fabulous, doesn’t mean thy aren’t very similar to the lost little heroes that they’re helping.

I love the glimpse we get into the lives of some of these guys who have just simply lost their way a bit. There’s dads swimming in the chaos of family life, moms who are too busy focusing on their church and family, men afraid to come out, guys struggling with relationship and so much more. These people all have things that we can relate to. They’re real people. And the moments when they realize that the fab 5 are not that different from themselves are what I live for.

The transformation that takes place in a week is wonderful. We watch these shy, lost, little caterpillars find their wings and fly! And it serves as a reminder that none of us are too far gone to forget about ourselves and worry about everything else in life. We all deserve our own attention and self love.

So takeaways from the fab five: anyone can wear a kilt, nobody is married to the idea of losing the beard, wear what makes you comfortable, what you can afford, and what makes you look and feel your best! Don’t settle for sweats. Nobody has hair like tan. Nobody makes me laugh like Jonathan. Any man or women can rock the living f out of booty heels. We are all amazing and worthy of loving ourselves.

If you have been living under a rock please go check out the fab5 on Netflix. There are 2 whole seasons for you to enjoy! Be prepared to bawl your eyes out. I didn’t make it out of a single episode without ugly crying and neither will you hunny. (cue Jonathan voice)

Find my amazing sweatshirt on Etsy under Pink Sunday Studio!

(this shop on Etsy is the best. I have ordered from her tons of times and all of my items have been perfection highly recommend)

xo jess